Thursday, October 24, 2013

Real Party: Ready to Pop Baby Shower

I had to plan a shower for my brother.  We kept it small so I wanted to add cute little details that made it extra special.  I went with the "Ready to Pop" theme because I could put a modern twist without having to make it so baby.

Welcome sign greeted guest at our front door.
Simple Black and Blue Baggies filled with a "POP" of culture candy and treats from Daddy's culture.


Baby Jude banner.

Every shower needs a diaper cake!

Make a Balloon face of baby Jude.



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Real Party: 7th Birthday Slumber Party

I love planning and putting together my kids birthday parties.  This one was for my 7 year old.  She has been dying for a sleepover with friends for while now. Since we are leaving for Disney two weeks later, I was on a budget and caved.  I figured we could keep it small, cheap, and still have fun!  I had Pinterest's help with ideas along the way.  Hope my real party inspires you too.

Invites: I made these sleeping bag invites with clip art from PrettyGrafik Design .   They opened up to reveal the party details.  You like? I'm going to add it to my etsy shop when I get a chance so you can make or buy your own along with a printable party package.
Favors: With only 6 girls to shop for I hit the dollar store and made make-over kits.  It included eye shadow in fun colors, lip gloss, nail polish, clip on braids (I got on clearance, yay me), nail file, eye make up remover and vitamin e sticks that I , and of course a sweet treat of chocolate cake pop.  I found the totes at Walmart for $1.00/3pk in the crafting section.  

Each girl got a Favor Bag with Mirror

Favors/Make-over kits to be used later that night. 
Tagged each favor with the girls name.

"Sweet Dreams, Good Night, Sleep Tight, Thanks for making my party just right."
Found the poem on Life in General blog.

Decor: I got plenty of inspiration via Pinterest.  Loved the way everything turned out.  I kept cost low by designing and making all my own printables.  I hit up Walmart for $1.00 paper plates/table clothes etc...  For food: I just did Little Ceaser $5.00 pizzas for dinner, cupcakes ($7.00 from Jewel) and cake pops for dessert and cereal and donuts for breakfast. Yep, when I say I am on a budget, I mean it!

Bed Inspiration via Purple Trail

Just a few printables to tie it all together.

My first attempt at a cake banner...not too shabby!

I hate making these but they do make great centerpieces.

Saved on expensive helium balloons by hanging them upside down.  Love!
Don't forget to bring the party to the bedroom!
Party Activities: Aside from a lot of giggling, squealing and singing, these little ladies had a full night of activities planned for them.  I started the night out with a craft.  The girls decorated their own pillowcases. Then they moved on to make-overs, painted their toes, had a pillow fight, karaoke, a glow bracelet hunt (girls got to keep what they found), and finished off by telling funny stories while tucked into bed.   Whew...they finally passed out around 11:30pm and got up at about 7am!  I fed them breakfast (individual boxes of cereal and donuts) and they just played until their parent picked them up. I thought they would sleep in and I wanted to feed them breakfast so I did say 10am pick up time but 8:30am-9 would have worked too. 

Pillow Case decorating with Crayola Fabric Markers.
$1.00 Store Pillow Cases and I pre-drew the girls initials on it in block letters to save time.

Make Over Time!

Made a Spin the Bottle Nail Polish Game that is going around Pinterst (Can't find the original source).  This game went a little slow and the girls just wanted to paint their toes so even though it's a good idea it didn't work out with this group.   

Karaoke Time!

Thanks for checking out my party!