Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Real Party: Jungle Themed 1st Birthday for my Wild Little Man

I planned this jungle themed 1st birthday for my son a few years ago but haven't had a chance to share it.  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed planning this special day for my little monkey! 
The Invite
Invites were little passports I printed myself on textured card stock paper.  I bought animal foam stickers (which I found on clearance, yay me!) and wrapped them shut with a zebra print bands.  Party details and a "passport photo" were on the inside.  I LOVED the way they turned out. 

The Treats
Everything was jungle themed!  From zebra's trotting through peanut butter chocolate chip cake pops to swamp water refreshments. This colorful array of sweets gave way to plenty of cavities. 


The D├ęcor
What kind of jungle party would it be without all kinds of animals hanging around.  I used cheetah print runners made from dollar store sheets to give the tables a touch of wild without taking away from the colorful pops of orange, green, blue and yellow. 

The Favors and Party Activities
I filled goodie bags with a tube of jungle animals, animal crackers, zebra cakes and topped it with animal masks.  I made tags that I glued to the front of the bags with a quick note thanking my little safari explorers for coming.
I also pre made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper.  I bought yellow (I couldn't find inexpensive tan) explorer hats that the kids decorated with stickers and foam letters.  I recruited my cousin an sister to give the kids animal tattoos too!  Lastly I got lucky enough to borrow an animal photo prop from a friend who's talented husband made for their son's circus themed party. 

The Birthday Boy
This post will not be complete without introducing my little man.  Here is my little explorer (and his sister).  Love them!!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Non-Editable Birthday Goodie for School

My little girl is turns 7 in two days and as my week is consumed with birthday related planning.  As I shop, I find myself struggling to figure out what treat to send to school for her birthday because edible goodies are not allowed. Whenever she does come home with a goodie bag, it's the usual; slinky, note pads, pencils, erasers etc...   Since I'm a Pinterest whore (yes, I said whore) I searched and found this simple idea from Lovely Little Life blog.  I couldn't find the original post when Pinterest linked me to her page but the idea was, well, brilliant!

Image Source from Lovely Little Life Blog

I stole the idea and the verse but changed things a bit....

What is great is that with Halloween about a month away, these glow sticks are perfect to light the way and keep kiddies safe while trick-or-treating.