Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Non-Editable Birthday Goodie for School

My little girl is turns 7 in two days and as my week is consumed with birthday related planning.  As I shop, I find myself struggling to figure out what treat to send to school for her birthday because edible goodies are not allowed. Whenever she does come home with a goodie bag, it's the usual; slinky, note pads, pencils, erasers etc...   Since I'm a Pinterest whore (yes, I said whore) I searched and found this simple idea from Lovely Little Life blog.  I couldn't find the original post when Pinterest linked me to her page but the idea was, well, brilliant!

Image Source from Lovely Little Life Blog

I stole the idea and the verse but changed things a bit....

What is great is that with Halloween about a month away, these glow sticks are perfect to light the way and keep kiddies safe while trick-or-treating.

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