Monday, April 30, 2012

Monthly Onsies - Free Printable

These adorable DIY gift is just a sample of a baby shower or new baby gift.  Simply print on full sheet label paper or iron on paper.  I even included a cute little poem you can add to the gift.  Perfect keepsake for any new mom. 

Free Printable Card includes a onsie to set the tone of the gift.

Outside of the card.  Add ribbon to give it that perfect touch.

Include a cute little poem....

Your baby has just arrived
but will grow so fast you’ll see
please take a picture every month
wearing these 12 onsies
and as the months go speeding by
a keepsake you will make
because these photos will remind you
of the months leading
to baby’s 1st birthday!

Final gift any new mom will love!  Simply print out the free printable onto full size label paper or iron on paper.  Cut and apply.  Cute gift for any new baby boy or girl.

Download free printable at | scroll to the bottom of page and find them there.  While your visiting, take a peek at my online shop!

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  1. how did you do the sizing? like what size did you buy for each month? I've seen similar DIYs that buy three 0-3 month onesies, three 3-6 month, and six 6-12 month. What would you suggest?

  2. To be honest, the best thing to do is print on 8 1/2 x 11 sticker paper. Avery sells it and this way mom and dad can stick it on a white onesie the baby is already wearing. I know some babies wear sizes that are a few months ahead of their age and I would hate to iron on and then not be able to take that months photo because it doesn't fit. When I did put this together I went to Walmart where they sell them individually and just went a size bigger when I got to the 6+ sizes. (Newborn, then 3-6 m size for 2, 3, 4m. 6m for 5m/6m, 9m for 7m/8m/9m, 12m for 10m, 11m, and 18m for 12m.) I hope I didn't just confuse you more. :-)

    I did do sticker paper just in case they didn't fit they could just restick on another but I wanted them on there for presentation purposes.

  3. How many could you print per page or did you do one per sheet?

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for the free printable, but just wanted to bring it to your attention that the link posted on this page is expired. It took me a while to find your new website